What’s working for you?

  • Live Shots
  • Satellite Media Tours
  • Media Training
  • Live Stream Production
  • Live Event Production
  • Crews and Gear for Field or Studio Video Production
  • Creative and Editorial Services
  • Complete Post Production
  • Motion Graphic Design and Animation

Live Shots

Beyond Pix offers both field and studio live shot services to broadcast networks around the world.

We were the first independent live shot facility in the Bay Area. Studios A and B are available on request and offer connectivity via The Switch, LTN or satellite.

For field work, our crews can be sent out with a LiveU unit to offer coverage anywhere, anytime.

With nearly three decades of experience producing live shots for national and international news nets, we’ve hosted movers, shakers and all kinds of news makers.

Talent can sit behind a video monitor playing out location shots…
…or we can create a simple monitor and drape set on the small stage

Satellite Media Tours

In San Francisco, we’re the premiere studio for Satellite Media Tours. SMTs allow spokespeople to conduct a series of TV, radio and online interviews reaching tens of thousands in a single morning. A standard in the public relations industry, media tours offer an easy alternative to traveling to each market.

Media Training

Have an interview on television coming up? Unless you’re a seasoned pro, don’t think you can ace it without rehearsing. Beyond Pix SF has the unique advantage of working with media relations companies and also the gatekeepers at national news networks. We can hook you up with pros that will help you make the most of your time on set.

Live Stream Production

Live streaming offers a great direct reach to your audience. The new Battery Street Stage makes it an easy and affordable proposition.

We’ve designed the Battery Street Stage with a news desk, lights, cameras and the streaming gear necessary to create a professional live stream show at a truly affordable rate. Come in, turn on and stream out.

We’re proud to count Twitch among the clients we’ve worked with and partner with Tracy Peterson of the AV Society to provide flawless live stream service on the stage or in the field.

Field and Studio Production

Beyond Pix assembles top professional crews with the specific talent your project requires. Whether it’s a one-man videographer with ENG gear or a complete crew set to capture a weekend-long live event for posting online, we’ve done it all. Clients include start-ups with tight budgets to Fortune 50 companies such as Google and Chevron. We’ll help you plan your shoot to insure you get all the shots you need resulting in footage better than you even imagined.

Great or small, near or far, we’ve got solutions.

Graphics & Post Production

With edit bays at our 950 Battery Street production hub, Beyond Pix SF has edited footage others have shot or finished post on projects we worked on from inception. Most recently we’ve:

  • Sent crews to Montana to follow trucks transporting massive structures then cut a rousing video to highlight the accomplishment
  • Created a rousing motion graphics video assembled from video and print coverage from a global financial company
  • Edited gorgeous footage from Thailand, Myanmar and Kazakhstan to create compelling subtitled stories about life on the job for an international company
  • Captured footage from an event at LinkedIn and edited a series of short promotional spots for the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.
We’ll help you get from here to there — no problem!