Streaming Tips for Increasing Reach and ROI

1) Remember that connectivity is a 1:1 relationship, so live stream viewers can have a wide range of Internet speeds. This can severely impact consumption of your streaming content. It’s therefore important to investigate automatic multi-bitrate switching, which increases quality for end users across the board.


2) Be aware that, in some cases, live captioning and translation are available for your stream. Using one or both can greatly extend the reach of your content.


3) Utilize social media integration tools during your streaming program. Make sure to ask your streaming expert about the wide range of social media tools available on different platforms.


4) Studies show that interactivity during streamed events increases user engagement with your content and retention of your messaging. Know options to expand interactivity, such as:  Live Social Media Updates, Live Q&A Sessions, Voting Tallies, and News Tickers.


5) Promotion and reminders are key to a succesful live stream. Announce your go-live time as early as possible, on all available marketing channels, and schedule reminders for the viewers who sign up. You can also embed your player anywhere, including on the homepage of your corporate website.


6) Define success criteria before choosing your streaming service because many offer different tools and benefits. For example, if reach is your #1 criteria but your promotion budget is limited, Facebook might be a good pick. If metrics are your #1 success criteria, not all platforms provide them, so a service like Youtube may make the most sense.


7) A large segment of corporate videos fall within the ‘explainer’ or ‘how to’ categories. Remember that live streams can be incredibly effective as an alternative to this type of pre-produced educational videos.

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