Ray Santiago

Owner/Founder/Executive Producer

Since establishing Beyond Pix in 1992, Ray produced dozens of pieces that have become the signature productions for clients such as Google, eBay, and Safeway. From editorial concepts to logistical management, his skills in developing ideas to managing large-scale crews and productions of varied types make him one of the most well rounded professionals in the industry. However, what really sets Ray apart from the rest is his ability to take complex, intangible ideas and humanizes them to create effective and memorable corporate productions.
Ray leads Beyond Pix in providing innovative services for Interactive Media by developing new concepts with video-rich/web-networking content to fully maximize the highest potentials of the online experience.

Kim McCready

Partner/Creative Services Director

Kim has more than 20 years experience as a video producer, as well as stints in PR and marketing. After running Yahoo’s Broadcast PR group for a decade and consulting with clients such as Apple, Linkedin, HP, Safeway, and PowerBar, she took a well deserved world-wide surfing-sabbatical. Kim is now back, refreshed and inspired to again take command of a world she knows so well: Public Relations, Corporate Communication, and corporate video consulting and production.

Bryan O’Connor

CFO/Business Office Manager

Bryan takes care of financials and what makes him particularly good is that every line item that comes across his desk, he eyes with persnickety detail the way a mad film director sees every frame of a scene during takes.

Kelly Lawrence

Executive Producer / Client Services Director

Beyond Pix is well-known for it’s capable, personable staff with a happy can-do attitude, and Kelly exemplifies these qualities.  Kelly, a former client of Beyond Pix, has had an exciting career that has taken him from Cleveland to New York, Seattle to Los Angeles and finally to San Francisco (after a 5-month hiatus in Australia).   He has years of experience managing and building relationships while overseeing multimedia projects of all sizes working for clients that include Microsoft, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Vulcan, and most if not all the top public relations agencies in the country.

Paul Supplee

Community Ambassador / Producer Extraordinaire

Having gone from several industry publications to many production companies in the Bay Area, Paul Supplee is the quintessential film & video professional. Paul has launched on his own as Paul Supplee Productions, but partners with Beyond Pix on certain projects. He is a man with infinite knowledge of the various industries in the region and so many connections, friendships, and relationships that going out with him is like being with the mayor.

John Jordan

Associate Producer

We’ve been in this business for over 16 years now and there’s one thing we know: the production business is complicated and often times pretty messy. When times are hectic with calls coming in from international clients, organizing multi-cam crews, managing a stage, fulfilling last minute on-location requests, making sure the crew is fed, and all at the same time, John is the one to call. He is a walking matrix, the solution provider when all the possibilities are exhausted and even with all of the pressure, John performs with infectious grace.

Patrick Wong

Director of Photography

Patrick has worked as a Director of Photography and the Head of Production at Beyond Pix Studios for the past decade.  Under Patrick’s leadership, Beyond Pix has added a downtown green-screen, a multi-camera production trailer, and our new @Bayshore shooting stage.

Albert Leung

Broadcast Manager

For more than a decade, Albert has been at the helm of the Broadcast Center–the heart of Beyond Pix’s “live studios” operation that serves all the broadcast and cable networks in the U.S. and around the world. From tape feeds to live shots, satellite media tours to webcasting, Albert’s unfailing synchronicity to the clock and ability to meet deadlines day in and day out, year after year, is the kind of stuff that becomes legendary. On top of all this, we hear from guests both experienced with and new to the “on-air” way that Albert’s welcoming personality always puts them at ease and makes their sessions run the smoothest they can be.

Woody Griffin

Lead Editor

The starship Enterprise had Scotty. Beyond Pix’s video complex has Woody, the innovative post production wizard who works tirelessly to keep the ship running. Woody’s experience with video and sound editing, motion graphics, conforming/finishing, technical direction and production media management makes him well versed in programs such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid Media Composer.

Josh Skyers


Originally from London specializing in technical post production services for clients such as the BBC, Discovery and Nat Geo. Josh developed skills in Editing, Conforming, Online and Offline workflows,  media management and VT. He is fluent in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, FCPX, FCP 7 and Avid along with years of design knowledge in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Kirk Goldberg


Kirk has been working as a freelance editor in the Northern California market for over fifteen years.  In that time, he established many collaborative relationships with producers, directors, corporations, television stations, and post-production facilities.  His success as an editor is due to a strong sense of visual and narrative storytelling present in his work whether in film, television, the internet, or high-profile corporate media.

Derek Nguyen

Assistant Editor

Derek keeps efficiency high and stress levels low by preparing projects and transcoding/encoding footage so the creativity can begin. Aside from helping out with editing and graphics work, Derek archives old projects to LTO tape, including creating a virtual catalogue of project assets and storage handling. Derek also has years of experience in design, web administration, and media production.