Experienced Animator and Producer Joins Beyond Pix

After sorting through nearly 200 applicants, we’re happy to announce we have one heck of a brilliant graphic artist that’s joined our top flight post-production team at 950 Battery.

Joshua Ebner landed at Beyond Pix earlier this summer, leaving his original home in Ohio where he worked as the Senior Producer of Marketing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. During his tenure, he created an impressive amount of beautiful video and motion graphics work for the team’s in-game, social media and broadcast outlets.

Joshua has deep experience in 2D and 3D animation, illustration, graphic and motion design, writing, and producing on and off set.  His extensive post production experience includes working with various studios and clients including National Geographic, Victoria’s Secret and MTV Networks. Josh’s ability to maintain and enhance brand experience through voice, conception and design sets him apart from many in his field and makes him a terrific partner on projects.

In his spare time, Josh is an accomplished jazz drummer, plays ukulele, kayaks, and spends time with his dog named Sebastian (named after the crab, not the composer).

Check out his reel here, or have a look at our updated graphics and live event reels.

Beyond Pix and the AV Society Join Forces to Provide Streaming & Webcasting Solutions for Clients

Marketing experts agree that an exponential expansion of streaming video will be a cornerstone trend of 2016, yet practitioners struggle with how to implement it effectively:

Webinars and Webcasts are the second most effective content marketing tactic, yet they are ranked 12th out of 14 tactics used.” – TopRank Marketing Blog

“Brands are still figuring out the best means to integrate live streaming, and in 2016 we can expect scaling to be a challenge.” – iMediaConnection

“One thing that was clear was that live streaming is going to be controlled by brands and be high-quality, or controlled by individuals and be about community, or maybe both.” – Forbes

“In 2016, content marketers need to test visual and video platforms, not to mention live streaming, as a new means to offer content that is engaging and will entice users beyond the classic text-based blog.” – Business 2 Community

As the global growth of enterprise video streaming continues to transform business practices, Beyond Pix Studios and the AV Society have joined forces under the same roof to provide clients with superior A-Z solutions.

While Beyond Pix has been a San Francisco industry leader providing a wide range of video-centric services for decades, the AV Society now adds 20 years of laser-focused experience in the streaming and webcasting space.

Being a specialist involved from the inception of the streaming industry really has advantages,” says AV Society Founder, Tracy Peterson.  “It’s such an ever-evolving communications platform from an engineering,  distribution, creative, and best-practices standpoint. So knowing the ins and outs of the entire landscape is imperative in offering effective solutions for clients.”

The new partnership leverages Beyond Pix’s three on-site studios as turn-key spaces for streaming and webcasting.   A mobile production fleet, staff, and equipment are also available to produce live streamed projects from almost anywhere.

Stellar results in the streaming and webcasting arena depend on a myriad of factors,” says Beyond Pix Founder, Ray Santiago, “An unparalleled knowledge of production and streaming equipment, applications, and platforms is essential – but that’s only the beginning. Tracy now brings that ‘guru’ card to our table and I love how he’s always one step ahead of emerging technologies and trends.”

Beyond Pix and the AV Society share a current client list including Silicon Valley giants, Fortune 500 companies, startups, government entities, advertising agencies, and more. One recent webcasting client of both companies commented on the partnership:

“For our global online product launch, we needed a team that could not only help us live stream our presentation from YouTube and Facebook, but also patch in two guest speakers via Skype,” said Angela Simoes, PR Manager, from Kinematix.  “It was a complicated task, but the Beyond Pix/AVS team went above and beyond to make our launch happen on time and without a hitch. We definitely recommend them to anyone looking to host an online event.” 

Both companies welcome communications professionals to reach out to discuss our new capabilities or upcoming projects @ 415.434.1027 or info@beyondpix.com.