Livestream Goes Mainstream

There’s a new trend millions of people around the world are jumping in on.  The use of Facebook Live has quadrupled in just the past year.   It’s free, it’s interactive and it creates a great sense of connection.

Streaming on Facebook Live is so easy any old stumble-thumbs can do it.  However, businesses and brands are stepping up their game with professional production – and their finding that quality is affordable.

At Beyond Pix, we’ve seen a huge uptick in clients using our stages to reach into Facebook’s millions of users.  The platform is free but it connecting with pro-equipment can be glitchy.  Having a knowledgeable production partner is always a good idea.



There are many online sources for tips on making your next live stream event watch-worthy, but here’s a summary of some we like best:

Approach live streaming like you’re throwing a party: put in the prep and promotion. Write a compelling description of the event and invite viewers to follow you and receive notifications when you go live. Post details on event pages and ask your friends and fans to spread the word.  Send reminders.

  1. Set the stage.  Even if you’re going DIY, make sure you are lit well, have a great backdrop, use a lav, mute the phones and plan to  “roll-in” multimedia if you have it. Did you know you can now screen share using Facebook Live?  Game changer.
  2. As viewers log on to watch, say hello.  While you may need to repeat key messages as people sign in, it’s also nice to recognize viewers by name, respond to questions and engage viewers by acknowledging them personally.
  3. Time is of the essence! 1-3pm catches working people at lunch; 6- 9 is also a good time to catch people winding down. Be mindful of holidays and major events.
  4. Say goodbye to your viewers, and when done, take advantage of downloading the session or posting it.  Also check the free audience analytics that will help you cultivate content and viewer engagement.

More tips can be found online – or try any of these links:

           Facebook    Search Engine Journal     Small Biz Trends     Social Media Today

Thinking about hosting a livestream event on a different platform – maybe one that includes Facebook?   We can make that easy, too!  Contact for a checklist that will help define your needs and get your project underway.

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