Experienced Animator and Producer Joins Beyond Pix

After sorting through nearly 200 applicants, we’re happy to announce we have one heck of a brilliant graphic artist that’s joined our top flight post-production team at 950 Battery.

Joshua Ebner landed at Beyond Pix earlier this summer, leaving his original home in Ohio where he worked as the Senior Producer of Marketing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. During his tenure, he created an impressive amount of beautiful video and motion graphics work for the team’s in-game, social media and broadcast outlets.

Joshua has deep experience in 2D and 3D animation, illustration, graphic and motion design, writing, and producing on and off set.  His extensive post production experience includes working with various studios and clients including National Geographic, Victoria’s Secret and MTV Networks. Josh’s ability to maintain and enhance brand experience through voice, conception and design sets him apart from many in his field and makes him a terrific partner on projects.

In his spare time, Josh is an accomplished jazz drummer, plays ukulele, kayaks, and spends time with his dog named Sebastian (named after the crab, not the composer).

Check out his reel here, or have a look at our updated graphics and live event reels.

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